Three-Sided Grill Brush | 62011


Use the Napoleon Three-Sided Grill Brush to keep your grill’s cooking girds clean. A clean grill is a happy grill. You should brush the stuck on foods from your grill with a grill brush after every time you grill, while the grill is still hot, and again before grilling your next meal. The Three-Sided Grill Brush has brass bristles that will not damage your cooking grids but will last a long time. It is 21 inches long, giving you easy leverage for getting at that tough stuck on food. The Three-Sided Grill Brush cleans the tops of the grids, but also between the grids where it is often tough to get to. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to quickly clean off the grime, while the extra large head makes for short work. Keep your grill clean with the Three-Sided Grill Brush.

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